Air Lift Universal Air Spring Cradle

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Never sacrifice your towing ability, even if your truck is lifted. Air Lift’s universal air spring cradle allows for full extension of the suspension, providing the air spring a place to set into on compression and during everyday driving. Maintain your towing ability and keep your ride at the height you want. Having your truck lifted is perfect for anyone who wants the look, needs to clear serious obstacles, or wants to retain a full suspension extension. Adding air bags can improve ride quality and prevent your vehicle's rear end from squatting or sagging when weighed down. However, installing air bags may limit your suspension extension if your truck is lifted. Adding Air Lift’s universal air spring cradle allows the air spring to cycle safely and have full suspension travel. The cradle keeps the air bag in place but detached from the lower bracket, letting it react as necessary to the road. This way, you can keep your vehicle’s height without sacrificing a smooth ride and towing abilities. Air Lift’s universal air spring cradle fits all Air Lift bellows-style air spring kits and most other brands. In addition, the cradle’s design allows the ability to mount the included hardware up or down based on the air springs and brackets. The universal air spring cradle kit is made with lightweight, durable resin, recessed mounting holes, and draining holes to help clear water and debris. The kit has two cradles, the hardware needed, and its instruction manual. For over 70 years, Air Lift has been the leader in air suspension products and is committed to delivering quality parts that last. To ensure the highest quality, longevity, and customer satisfaction, the system comes with a two-year warranty and a 60-day, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee – not to mention Air Lift's reputation for excellent customer service and technical support, should you run into any snags in the installation process.


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